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Efficient Steam Generation
Furnace Fuel Oil Atomisation to Stop Wastage and Improve Efficiency in Hydrocarb

Steam atomising is widely used in hydrocarbon plants to increase the efficiency of fuel oil burners.
Since fuel oil does not burn easily in the liquid state, it is important to break up fuel oil particles into tiny droplets, facilitating easy spread of oil inside the furnace, and maximising combustion.
An efficien....... Read More

Process Control
Online Total Organic Carbon Measurement in Process Plants

Total organic carbon (TOC) indicates the level of organic matter present in process water.
TOC provides an insight into organic load variations and product losses. Online TOC monitoring helps manage associated waste streams and maintain compliance of water discharge norms across the manufacturing sites. The use of TOC anal....... Read More

Process Control
PID Temperature Control System

In industry, precise control of process temperature plays a crucial role in achieving final product quality and sustaining producti....... Read More

Efficient Steam Systems
Pump Seal Quenching

Steam quenching is essential for long seal life and safety for high temperature and heavy hydrocarbon duties.
Condensate bui....... Read More

Process Control
Ensuring Safety with Proper Isolation

Sampling systems often handle samples at very high hydraulic pressures and temperatures.
In some cases, the samples can be h....... Read More

Measurement Solutions
Tunnel Emission Monitoring

A tunnel is essentially a passage created through surrounding soil or water, totally enclosed except for the entrance and exit. Read More

Environmental Monitoring
Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus Monitoring in Waste Water Treatment Plants

Nutrient pollution in waste water is an increasingly challenging environmental issue.
Nutrient pollution impacts natural wat....... Read More

Energy Savings
Increased Fuel Bills and Excess Steam Consumption in the Distillery?

Are increased fuel bills and excess steam consumption in your distillery worrying you?
Identifying problem areas and taking....... Read More

Process Control
Online Steam Wetness Measurement

With increasing populations and growth in industrialization demand for power across the world is steadily on the rise.
Power....... Read More

Environmental Monitoring
Flue Gas Monitoring

Stack emissions are a critical indicator of boiler efficiency.
Monitoring of flue gases enables operators to not only asses....... Read More

Process Control
An Ideal Solution for Retrofitting & Upgrading SWAS Systems

Corrosion and deposition play a major role in destabilizing power plants.
They reduce not only the efficiency of the power p....... Read More

Efficient Steam Systems
Forbes Marshall Trap Monitoring System (FMTMS)

In any process plant, the hassles of effective steam utilisation are invariably associated
with the performance of the proce....... Read More

Efficient Steam Generation
Ensuring Boiler House Safety

As important as it is to ensure the optimum efficiency of your running boiler to minimize fuel costs, so also is it to ensure safe ....... Read More

Process Control
Degas Conductivity Measurement

The Relisafe™-CO2 system monitors the Dissolved CO2 in a superheated steam condensed sample, by measuring the degassed conduc....... Read More

Efficient Steam Generation
Importance of Boiler Efficiency Monitoring

Forbes Marshall provides total solutions that not only monitor, but also provide diagnostics, as well as complete control and autom....... Read More

Efficient Steam Generation
Electronic Compound Regulation Burner

There lies potential for energy savings of 10% in the boiler house just by improving combustion efficiency.
Electronic compo....... Read More

Process Control
Sea Water Quality Monitoring

To handle the increasing water needs, industries and municipal establishments are moving towards sea water desalination. With advan....... Read More

Efficient Steam Systems
Vacuum Seal Pumps

A vacuum seal pump requires sufficient supply of sealing fluid while discharging gases and vapors.
For simple applications, ....... Read More

Efficient Steam Systems
Hydrocarbon Vapor to Vapor Recovery Unit

Vapour recovery is the process of recovering harmful vapours from the hydrocarbon products specifically Gasoline, so as to prevent ....... Read More

Efficient Steam Systems
Improve Bottle Washer Performance

Bottle washing machines are widely used in the brewery and beverage industry for efficient washing and sanitising of bottles before....... Read More

Efficient Steam Systems
Understanding Stall

‘Stall’ is the inability to evacuate condensate effectively from the heat exchanging equipment.
The expectation....... Read More

Efficient Steam Systems
Steam vs Electrical Condensate Pumps

In any process industry which has steam as a utility for its production, about 20% of energy in the steam generated is still availa....... Read More

Environmental Monitoring
Measuring Biological Oxygen Demand in Industrial Effluents

BOD, or Biochemical Oxygen Demand, is a parameter which indicates the amount of biodegradable organic matter present in water.
Read More

Efficient Steam Systems
Understanding Steam Trap Selection

A steam trap is a device used to discharge condensate, air and non condensable gases from steam lines.
They modulate and ar....... Read More

Efficient Steam Systems
Rotary Joints and Condensate Evacuation Systems

Rotary joint and syphons are the heart of any paper drying system.
The right selection and implementation ensure maximum cap....... Read More

Measurement Solutions
Flowmeter Selection

In order to control something, it is necessary to first measure it.
In process industry too, measurement is a crucial factor....... Read More

Efficient Steam Systems
Multiple Effect Evaporators

Multiple Effect Evaporators (MEE) are equipment used in Industry to concentrate a solution by removing the solvent (mainly water) b....... Read More

Measurement Solutions
Net Heat Measurement

Net heat measurement is the calculation of amount of net heat transferred into a system or a process.
Net heat measurement ....... Read More

Efficient Steam Systems
Paper Machine Paper Drying Systems

Paper, as is commonly known, is made from the fibre of trees.
Paper production can be broken up into two main processes - co....... Read More

Efficient Steam Systems
CIP Systems

The CIP system is used for cleaning the equipment without removing / dismantling them from their existing set-up.
There can ....... Read More

Process Control
Improve Machine Uptime Through Vibration Monitoring

Vibration monitoring and analysis is the easiest way to keep machines healthy and efficient in the long run.
It reduces the....... Read More

Energy Savings
Optimum Moisture Control in the Vertical Drying Range

A vertical drying range (VDR) is a series of dryers used to dry woven fabric in open width condition in the textile manufacture pro....... Read More

Process Control
Leather Making

Leather making is an extensive, labour intensive process.
The process of converting the animal skins or hide to the final fi....... Read More

Measurement Solutions
Pump Dry Run Protection

Dry running of pumps is one of the main reasons for damage to pumps.
Dry running is nothing but operating a pump in the abs....... Read More

Environmental Monitoring
Is your Coal Mill Operating Safely ?

Coal fired thermal power plants, cement manufacturing units and steel industries are all affected by spontaneous combustions occurr....... Read More

Energy Savings
Compressed Air Energy Management Through Artificial Demand Control

Compressed air is used widely across Industry and is often considered the ‘fourth utility’ after electricity, gas and w....... Read More

Process Control
Process Control Optimization with Precise Temperature Control

Steam systems are said to be performing at optimum when productivity is high and product output is of superior quality with the low....... Read More

Measurement Solutions
Flow and Density Measurement of Lime Slurry in Flue Gas Cleaning

Effective use of lime in desulphurisation units of a USC power plant.
Monitoring concentration and flow rate of a very abras....... Read More

Energy Savings
Reduce Utility Cost and Improve Gross Refinery Margin

In a hydrocarbon plant, utility costs are high.
A major portion of these costs goes towards energy, i.e. steam and power. Read More

Process Control
Leveraging IoT for smart ETP operations through remote terminal units

Effluent treatment plants play a vital role in ensuring that economic growth and prosperity do not compromise our fragile ecosystem....... Read More

Measurement Solutions
Level Measurement in the Production of Injectable Drug Products

Customer is a contract manufacturer of pharmaceutical products for international pharma businesses.
At their production and ....... Read More

Efficient Steam Systems

In the process industry dryers are used to dry the product by evaporating moisture from the product.
During the drying proce....... Read More

Energy Savings
Jet Dyeing Machine Heat Optimization

In textile plants, the problems associated with pure condensate recovery from dyeing equipment
like the jet dyeing and soft....... Read More

Efficient Steam Generation
Generating Energy with Zero Fuel Cost

Waste heat recovery boilers (WHRB) or steam generators are installed on the exhaust gases of gensets running on natural gas, or die....... Read More

Process Control
Steam and Water Analysis System

SWAS is nothing but a Steam and Water Analysis System that measures the quality of steam used by plants. One of the factors th....... Read More

Energy Savings
VDR Optimisation

Forbes Marshall is a leading provider of energy conservation and process efficiency solutions, delivering benchmark plants across t....... Read More

Efficient Steam Systems
Stalling of Condensate in Reboilers of Solvent Recovery Plants

Chemical and Pharmaceutical (bulk drug) plants generate a lot of effluent whose treatment is crucial.
The process adopted fo....... Read More

Process Control
Process Control Optimization with Precise Pressure Control

Steam systems are said to be performing at optimum when productivity is high and product output is of superior quality with the low....... Read More

Measurement Solutions
Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Radar Level Measurement Systems

Radar (radio detection and ranging) level measurement systems are being successfully utilized for assessing the filling level of li....... Read More

Efficient Steam Systems
Condensate Evacuation made easy even under stall conditions for Hydrocarbon Plan

Steam Traps are passive devices, which means they need differential pressure to evacuate the condensate. In a lean amine heater, th....... Read More

Process Control
Blast Furnace Pressure Measurement

Steelmaking is an extensive process, right from making the iron to finishing.
Though modern methods of steelmaking have evol....... Read More

Process Control
Improving Reliability of Rotating Machines through Vibration Monitoring

Understanding machine health and planning actions in advance can increase plant uptime to 95%.
Monitoring of critical machin....... Read More

Measurement Solutions
Increase Process Availability By Using Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

Gas entrainment affects process control measurements resulting in unreliable product quality. Measurement difficulties are partly d....... Read More

Process Control
Valve positioners: Make the right choice

The basic purpose of a valve positioner is to adjust air pressure driving the actuator of the valve and position the valve stem cor....... Read More

Environmental Monitoring
Innovative and Intelligent Instrumentation and Controls for Water and WasteWater

Water is a critical resource and sustained conservation is vital for present and future generations.
Since water cannot be c....... Read More