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Welcome to SteamPedia

One of the core requirements to build and run a clean, safe, reliable and efficient plant is the expertise of people. It plays a key role, right from setting up the plant with the right design, performing day-to-day functional requirements of operations and maintenance, to putting in place an organisation-wide system and structure for effective energy management. Steampedia aims to serve as the complete steam guide. It aims to enhance working knowledge by providing basic concepts, theory and practical know-how for each area of the steam system 

 It covers: 

Steam Basics - Covers basic information about steam along with fundamental concepts of steam engineering 

Steam Generation - Everything you want to know about Steam Boilers covering how to select and size steam boilers, safeties in the boiler and boiler house, safe and energy efficient operations of the boiler, boiler feed water and fuel management, heat recovery equipment and operation and maintenance practices (SOPs) 

Steam Distribution - Everything you want to know about distributing steam safely and efficiently covering, sizing and routing of steam distribution pipelines, expansion loops, practical issues that arise in distribution networks (water hammer, leakages, pressure drops, carryover), selection and sizing of steam pipeline accessories, operations and maintenance practices. 

Steam Trapping - All about steam traps covering working principles of different kinds of steam traps, selection guidelines for different applications, sizing guides, new technologies in steam trapping, operations and maintenance tips. 

Steam Utilisation - How to use steam efficiently in the process, selection of steam pressure, pressure and temperature controls, etc 

Condensate and Flash Steam Recovery - This section covers the importance of recovering condensate and flash steam and design guidelines for condensate and flash recovery systems including distribution networks, pumps and flash separation vessels.