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Palm oil is a widely used commodity globally, not only as a cooking oil but also as a crucial ingredient in the production of oleochemicals and biodiesel. The entire manufacturing process, encompassing extraction, refining, oleochemical production, and biofuel manufacturing, is highly steam energy intensive.

On an average steam accounts for about 50% of the utility costs in such plants. Fuel prices have surged 50-60% in recent times, and are continuing to rise. However, market prices for palm oil have not kept pace, and this places significant financial strain on these plants. Moreover, due to environmental and social concerns, the industry is also compelled to adopt more sustainable manufacturing practices.

For over 75 years, Forbes Marshall has been a leading provider of innovative products and services to help industries improve their process and energy efficiency and become more environmentally responsible. We have partnered with the edible oil industry and OEMs globally to optimise energy consumption and process efficiency. We work with palm extraction mills, palm oil refineries, oleochemical plants and biodiesel plants. Our offerings include thermal assessments, design consultancies, steam system surveys, steam boilers, steam distribution accessories, automation and utilisation packages and condensate recovery solutions.

Forbes Marshall Steam Systems Deliver 35% Fuel Savings

Clean, Safe and Efficient Steam Generation

20% lower steam cost

Dry steam without pressure drop

Total waste heat recovery

Right Steam Quality and Quantity with Lowest Losses

Maintain distribution losses at ~3%

Zero steam leak

Complete condensate evacuation

Maximise Steam Efficiency in the Process

Reduce process steam consumption by upto 50%

Maintain desired process parameters

Achieve consistent quality and productivity

Recover Every Drop of Condensate, Eliminate Flash Steam Venting

Avoid oil contamination in condensate

8-10% reduction in fuel bill, _____ KL water saved

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