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The dairy and dairy by-products industry is one of the major food industries, providing nutrition and income to millions of households globally. To fulfill growing demands, the Industry must grow sustainably with reduced carbon emissions.

Backed by years of experience delivering process efficiency and energy savings, Forbes Marshall is a preferred partner to dairy Industry across the world. Our solutions help improve productivity and product quality, saving customers about 1.5% of their annual fuel bill each year, reducing CO2 emissions and water consumption, transforming their environmental footprint over time.

Our range of energy efficient solutions comes with the necessary approvals and certifications hygienic applications. We partner with milk, curd, yoghurt, cheese and butter and milk powder processing, as well as ice cream manufacturing plants. 

Our boilers generate steam at hundreds of dairy plants across the world. Thousands of Forbes Marshall steam traps, valves, flowmeters and condensate recovery systems installed in the dairy industry help improve the efficiency of the process, save energy and reduce environmental impact. Services like design consultancy and energy audits help to not only analyse and curb existing energy demands but also plan for plant expansions and greenfield projects. Our digital solutions go beyond connectivity and measure, analyse and sustain factors like boiler efficiency, condensate recovery, equipment uptime and various plant level KPIs .

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