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Dairy Designing the ideal steam and condensate system for a dairy plant
Brewery One of the largest beer producing plants in the world
Brewery A plant in South India of one of the leading Breweries
Dairy A leading dairy plant in North India
Textiles Delivering a Benchmark Rope Dyeing Denim Plant through our Design Consultancy Services
Pharmaceuticals A pharmaceutical formulation unit in South India
Pharmaceuticals A pharmaceutical formulation unit in North India
Textiles A textile manufacturing plant in Western India
Textiles A knitted fabric manufacturer in South India
Textiles A suiting shirting fabric manufacturer in Western India
Beverage A beverage manufacturing plant in Western India
Tyre & Rubber A leading solid tyre manufacturer in South India
Food An ice cream manufacturing plant of one of the largest global FMCG MNCs in Thailand
Food An instant noodle manufacturing plant in North India with a production capacity of 22 TPD
Chemical A leading specialty chemicals manufacturer of organic and inorganic and effect pigments in South Asia
Chemical A leading fragrance specialty chemicals manufacturer in South Asia
Pharmaceuticals A pharmaceuticals and healthcare company in Thailand
Food A cocoa plant in Indonesia
Tyre & Rubber A fast growing manufacturer of medical gloves in Malaysia
Beverage A leading manufacturer of beverages in Indonesia with production capacity of 1500 m3 per day for flavored drinks and 800 m3 per day for tea
Textiles A manufacturer of fabrics and fabric products in Western India
Paper & Board Paper Machine 3 of a Kraft Paper Company in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Paper & Board A plant in North India with 20 daylight heating cooling press system manufacturing plywood and block boards and flush doors
Paper & Board A plywood manufacturer with 15 daylight and 16 daylight capacity heating and cooling press in North India
Pharmaceuticals A multinational pharmachem company in Western India
Automobile A Western India based vertically integrated automobile parts manufacturer for mass production of electrical fittings and metal castings and injection molded products as well as accessories
Textiles A textile plant in North India with production capacity of 125000 meters of fabric per day
Textiles A textile plant in Western Indonesia
Hotels & Hospitals A Hotel in Malaysia
Power A sub bituminous coal fired power plant in Western India
Oil & Gas A major refinery in Western India
Fertilizer A Fertilizer Plant in Western India
Paper & Board A kraft paper mill in Eastern India
Chemical A leading manufacturer of speciality chemicals in Western India
Edible Oil & Fats A rice bran based solvent extraction plant in Southern India
Steel A large capacity plant of a multinational steel making company in East India
Steel A Large Steel Plant in East India
Oil & Gas A major refinery in India
Pharmaceuticals A pharmaceutical plant in South India
Automobile A Global Automobile Manufacturer in South Asia
Paper & Board A 35 TPD corrugation box manufacturer in the UAE
Sugar A Sugar Factory in Latin America
Water & Wastewater An Industrial Water Treatment Plant in South Asia
Textiles Steam usage in the ironing section of a garment manufacturing plant in Yangon Myanmar
Power A 660MW power station operating under flexible cyclic load operation in Central India
Paper & Board A paper mill in North India
Food A Meat Processing Plant in East Central Canada
Dairy A Major Dairy in Western India
Cement A Cement Manufacturer in South Asia
Brewery A Brewery in Western India
Beverage A Global Beverage Manufacturer in Western India
Chemical A detergent manufacturing plant in Egypt