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Forbes Marshall is committed to environment friendly practices with sustainable growth.

We have aligned our processes to achieve sustainability through various initiatives in our plant, like wood elimination, zero discharge, reducing carbon footprint by optimising use of electricity, reduction in use of fossil fuel, replacing hazardous chemicals by environment friendly chemicals leading to reduction of carbon footprint and selecting gases which have negligible greenhouse impact.

We are a zero discharge compliant company. All plants are completely fitted with STP and ETP plants that recycle all effluents for use in gardening as well as domestic applications in the plants, while the residual waste is segregated with the hazardous waste.

For harnessing renewable energy, we have an array of solar panels of 140kW installed on campus which provide 18000 units of power.

Water consumption and usage monitoring is done on a regular basis using the EverSense and UTISense softwares, which are proprietary products of the Forbes Marshall Group.

Rain water is harvested into a farm pond of 10,000,000 litres capacity, catering to gardening water needs for upto two months.

Training is provided to personnel for reducing use and creation of hazardous wastes. There is huge focus on reduce, reuse and recycle in all processes.

The manufacturing facility is designed to make use of natural sunlight, and no artificial lighting is required during the day. The facility has received several awards for architecture, including

- The Indian Institute of Architects Award for Excellence in Architecture in the Industrial category
- The Builders’ Association of India Award for Well Built Structure
- The Artist in Concrete Award at Asia Fest 2014-15, in the Industrial Building category
- The Saint Gobain and Economic Times Award for Smart Green Living Spaces Work Campus
- The Estrade Real Estate Award for Sustainable Design in Architecture

We sincerely believe that the health of our members contributes greatly to a lively, innovative and creative atmosphere at the workplace.

To reduce occupational health hazards, we have several control measures in place so that members are not exposed to hazardous chemicals, dust, mist and smoke. Processes are in place for personal monitoring, health monitoring, personal sampling and workplace sampling.

We highly encourage active participation with our members to ensure zero harm culture. To ensure an effective reporting we have established a health hazard reporting system. We have set up a full-fledged hospital at one of our facilities to attend to emergencies, in case of any mishaps.

A World of Wellness initiative is run within the company to promote both the physical and mental well-being of members via training and awareness programmes.

Our members’ safety is very important to us, and we have implemented the best practices in the industry to ensure an effective safety sustainable culture, in line with the Bradley curve.

Forbes Marshall follows the principle of HIRA (Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment ) for both humans and environment. We are implementing a risk reduction programme together with various control measures such as phase out, isolation, substitute, engineering control, administrative controls and PPE programmes to ensure the best practices are in place.

World class personal protection equipment is allocated to all our shop floor members. A strict record of incidents, if any, is maintained and proper investigations conducted. Post incident analysis and implementation of controls measure programme is in place to prevent further incidences.

We have isolated noisy processes from the main processes to ensure a healthy workplace environment. To strengthen engineering controls for better safety performance several safety devices/systems have been installed.

For effective administrative control, we conduct periodical safety training and awareness programmes. Monitoring and measurement with active participation of all stakeholders is an ongoing process..

For effective administrative control, we do periodical safety training, awareness programs, monitoring & measurement with active participation with all the stakeholders.