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About R&D

Since inception, Forbes Marshall has had a rich history of innovation. The key focus of Forbes Marshall R&D is to enable customers save energy and automate production processes with special attention to safety, efficiency and environment. All our cutting edge innovations, be it the Effimax - a revolutionary online boiler efficiency monitoring system, the energy saving thermocompressor, the world leading vortex flow meter or the more recent twin-orifice float trap and FLASHJET Pump, have been developed based on deep understanding of customer needs .

Our R&D centers are peopled by specialists in electronics, mechanics, heat transfer and fluid dynamics, chemical engineering, instrumentation and software. This multi skilled team enables Forbes Marshall products and systems for industry that align with data analytics and IoT networks. Several of our products have won national and international awards, and stand testimony to the good design practices followed at Forbes Marshall.

Our R&D centres also collaborate closely with academia and several joint research projects are being worked on to further enhance the use of science and technology for the benefit of our customers. the Forbes Marshall innovation ecosystem includes IITs as well as local engineering colleges.