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Entrepreneurship is at the heart of all new product development and ideas that help us deliver consistent value to our customers spanning multidisciplines like mechanical, electrical, software and instrumentation. The team constantly extends the frontiers with innovative offerings.

Forbes Marshall combines steam and control systems technologies to build unique and innovative offerings for process industry. Understanding customer need, challenging status quo and collaborating beyond our boundaries are the hall mark of our innovation effort. No wonder we have led the industry with offerings such as CMTD - the redefining steam trap, Effimax -digitisation of boilers in the early 2000s, BioSens - a revolutionary effluent monitoring sensor, and many more.


We believe that well designed products are not just for end consumer products but industrial goods as well. In fact it is in most demanding work conditions such as a factory or a plant where good designed products can make a difference to life of the user. Forbes Marshall has a dedicated internal industrial design team which assures that all new product developments at Forbes Marshall meet technical specifications along with their intended purpose in the simplest, convenient and aesthetically pleasing manner. Products such as the Two Orifice Float Trap, Mini Max Boiler, SteaMon and Master Air Control have won coveted design awards.

The Microcon+ production control system designed and manufactured by Forbes Marshall has the world's fastest DCS processor, is designed to operate in hostile environments, and to minimise the common cause of failure thereby improving higher availability to maximise production.

The adverse effect of energy leaks in process industries prompted our R&D team at the Steam Engineering Group to develop the Effimax series of products. These smart-boxes monitor key parameters of a boiler's performance and use integrated electronics to calculate overall efficiency. Most importantly, products in the Effimax range can be remotely managed.

Life at R&D

One of the youngest teams in the company, the average age is R&D at Forbes Marshall is 26. This reflects in their spirit at work and the enthusiasm to undertake challenges. The annual R&D Dare to Try event where engineers are provided a technical challenge to solve in a defined period is a much celebrated event.

At Forbes Marshall, R&D works extensively with leading research and academic organisations in the US, Europe and India to enrich new product development.