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Steam and Condensate Manifolds FMSCM

The Forbes Marshall steam and condensate manifold is a single forged component. It is compact, weld free, lightweight and uniform in design. It eliminates the need for on-site fabrication and testing.
Steam for tracing is supplied to the individual steam tracing circuits with the help of steam supply manifolds. Condensate is evacuated through condensate collection manifolds which have compact tracing traps and is finally transferred to condensate headers through steam operated pumping traps.
  • Class VI-shutoff in isolation
  • Certified for PED approval and the design complies to section VIII-Div.I.
  • The main pressure retaining parts are all available with IBR / third party certification.
  • Optional insulation jackets and mounting kit available
  • Zero leakage due to inbuilt glandless piston valves
  • Reduced energy losses due to single component, shorter piping, and low surface area
  • Reduced installation time
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Eliminates on-site fabrication and testing