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Remote Vibration Monitoring and Diagnosis Service
Forbes Marshall is a proven supplier of vibration monitoring systems, with the installed base of over 100,000 monitoring sensors and 4000 customers across India. We have a wide range of products and services for vibration monitoring including online systems for real-time analysis.
  • High-speed data acquisition during startup/shutdown and steady state.
  • Browser-based GUI with web connectivity.
  • Local viewing of GUI by directly connecting a monitor to the industrial analyser. It can be viewed from any location
  • The client-server architecture allows simultaneously connecting the system and viewing independent data for any number of users without the requirement of any additional license.
  • GUI allows taking screenshots and all the data of trend and waveform can be stored in .csv format for any further analysis.
  • Effective for old and new power plants from 1MW to 1000MW
  • Accurately monitors and analyses data
  • Provides a better understanding of machinery dynamics like critical speeds and behaviour in transient conditions like start-up and shutdown, to help pinpoint abnormal conditions
  • Analysis and display functions i.e. machine trains, trend graph, spectrum, shaft centerline position, bode/polar plot, orbit display, vector plot, alarm status, etc. to help avert possible failure by taking corrective action in advance.
  • Increases equipment availability and reliability and reduce costs
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