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Paper Machine 3 of a Kraft Paper Company in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

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- Heavy steam loss

- High SSC of ~ 2 T/T

- Manual steam pressure control

- Paper overheating and breakage

- Low condensate recovery factor
- To prevent live steam loss and properly utilize flash steam

- To optimise paper machine speed and capacity

- To maximise condensate recovery factor

- To reduce SSC to 1.9 T/T
Forbes Marshall carried out a detailed study of the plant, determined areas of concern and redesigned the entire steam system. Following changes were implemented in the new design 

- SteaMon vortex flowmeter for steam flow monitoring incorporated

- The 26 MF dryers were divided into 06 thermal groups, with 06 individual pressure control stations and PID-based control valves

- Steam header for thermal groups equipped with compact module thermodynamic trap, air vent, pressure gauge and piston valve

- Each of the MF dryers equipped with a complete single orifice float trap based steam trapping solution

- Separate flash vessels to optimize flash steam recovery at pre-section and post-section

- Multivalve steam operated condensate pump MV55 to pump hot condensate
- Significant reduction in SSC - committed was 1.9 T/T; actual SSC after implementation is 1.3-1.4 T/T

- Accurate steam metering

- Improved paper quality

- Increase in daily and monthly paper yield

- Flexible operation

- Safer and cleaner site

- 90% condensate recovery factor, with no additional electricity costs