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Designing the ideal steam and condensate system for a dairy plant


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A leading dairy in Andhra Pradesh, India engaged in the manufacture of high quality dairy products.

Background and Problem

The implementation of suggestions coming out of an earlier Energy Audit of the steam and condensate system conducted by Forbes Marshall in the customer's plant had yielded more than committed benefits.

The customer again contacted us when planning their expansion project for upto 0.8 million TPD production capacity.

Forbes Marshall was involved in complete cycle right from identifying savings through energy audit, detailed engineering of identified proposals and preparing the implementation plan to supplying steam system accessories and providing project management consultancy services during installation. 
The Solution

The following products from Forbes Marshall were installed

- Steam operated pumping trap for complete condensate evacuation

- Condensate recovery pumps for ghee boiler, milk processing CIP and APS block

- Effimax system for boiler efficiency monitoring

Water hammer issues and leakages eliminated, increasing overall safety of the steam system

Increase in condensate recovery factor from 34% during audit to 70-75% after implementation

Increased feed water temperature from 48deg C during audit to 65-75 deg C after implementation

Improved steam to fuel ratio from 5.38 during audit to 5.8-6.1 after implementation

9% fuel reduction and improved CRF with boiler efficiency monitoring, leading to a monetary saving of 6.6 million INR (~ 79,000 USD) considering fuel cost of year 2023

Improved SSC and productivity resulting in 26% less steam consumption, leading to a monetary saving of 24.6 million INR (~ 297,000 USD) considering fuel cost of year 2023

Overall fuel saving of 3321 ton per annum 5919 tons per annum reduction in CO2 emission 2815 KL of water saved per annum