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An Industrial Water Treatment Plant in South Asia

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Quality of effluent discharge not meeting norms.
To ascertain reasons for instability and help the plant comply with pollution control norms. 
An online COD-BOD-pH-TSS analyser was installed at the final outlet of CETP to check the quality and efficiency of the process.

Irregular quality of discharge and variations as against the desired level were noted.

Member units were releasing samples with huge variation in organic load. This disturbed the CETP performance which is designed for a specific organic load at defined flow.

Online COD analysers were installed at the inlet stream from polluting member plants so load of each stream could be checked and corrective action taken where required.
- Immediate corrective action can be taken due to quick optical analysis

- Reagent and chemical free measurement cycles

- Even untreated samples can be analysed without any limitations

- Data logging and real time data accessible through the web

- Savings in terms of chemical consumption and electrical energy costs

- CETP performance stabilised

- Pollution control norms met