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A textile manufacturing plant in Western India


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– Condensate is not recovered to feed water tank. Presently condensate is mixed with process water and used in the process

– Low feed water temperature > 50 °C

– High blowdown loss
To recover condensate and bring down energy costs in the plant.
Installation of

– Condensate recovery system comprising of FLASHJET™ Pump and condensate recovery meter (CRM) in CBR, VDR, loop ager and finishing sections.

– Boiler blowdown control system 
– Achieved and sustained condensate recovery factor of 55%

– Reduction in make-up water consumption resulting in water savings of 26,400 m3/ yr

– 100% recovery of flash steam - flash steam from VDR section condensate is utilised in soap tank and from CBR and finishing section utilised in feed water tank

– Boiler water TDS maintained at optimum

– Blowdown losses minimised 

– Increase in feed water temperature by ~30°C

– ~5% savings in the annual fuel bill

– Reduced CO2 emissions ~ 429 TPA