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A pharmaceutical formulation unit in North India


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Low condensate recovery (65%) due to inefficient electrical based system.

Low feed water temperature (70°C) due to venting of flash steam and condensate being pumped at a temperature of 70°C.

Safety hazard due to local flash steam.

Frequent overflow of condensate, increasing effluent load on the ETP.
To recover condensate and bring down energy costs in the plant.
Condensate recovery system comprising of FLASHJET™ pump and condensate recovery meter (CRM).
Achieved and sustained condensate recovery factor of 95%

Reduction in make-up water consumption, resulting in 3 water savings of 9000 m /yr

100% flash steam recovered to hot water system resulting in reduction of steam 

Increase in feed water temperature by ~25 C; feed water O temperature maintained at 94 C

~4% savings in the annual fuel bill

Reduced CO2 emissions ~1150 TPA