Case Study:

A multinational pharmachem company in Western India


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- Low efficiency in the multi effect evaporators (MEE) leading to excess steam consumption

- Venting of steam along with the non-condensables added to the steam losses

- Quality of final product affected due to variations in outlet feed percentage concentration
To increase economy of the MEE and minimise steam losses.
- Installation of the Forbes Marshall meeMAC on the multiple effect evaporators in the ETP section for control of evaporation rate, feed rate and automatic air venting

- everSENSE for monitoring of all essential process parameters to be controlled by the system
- 10% steam reduction with increase in economy from 3.9 kg/kg to 4.3 kg/kg

- Steam savings of ~ 500 kg/h

- Reduced variations in outlet feed precentage concentration

- Outlet feed percentage concentration maintained between 35-40%