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A major refinery in Western India

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Major Steam Loss

Frequent failure of steam traps

Water hammering

Frequent shutdown

Noise pollution
To achieve a sustainable zero leak steam system by implementing a steam trap management system. 
Steam Trap System Management - audit, rectification and sustenance by Forbes Marshall.

Phase 1
Total steam traps population : 12,000
Steam trap performance rate: 29.72%
Steam loss identified: 23 Ton/hr

Phase 2
Supervision of the steam trap system rectification by Forbes Marshall and replacement with Forbes Marshall products
Improved steam trap performance rate : 97.6%
Steam savings achieved: 21Ton/hr

Phase 3
Sustain the achieved performance for next 30 Months
Steam trap performance rate : 98%
Steam savings achieved further: 4.39 Ton/hr
Reduction in steam losses

Increased steam system reliability

No water hammering

Increased steam trap life

Savings in fuel consumption

Reduced noise pollution

Improved steam leak factor from 0.96 Kg/MT (2017) to 0.37Kg/MT (2019) - CHT audit