Case Study:

A kraft paper mill in Eastern India

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- Impact on machine production due to poor condensate evacuation

- Poor condensate recovery (65%)

- High back pressure (2.5 barg) in main common tank

- Boiler pressure not maintained

- High specific steam consumption (2.1-2.2 ton per ton of paper)
To optimise specific steam consumption with improve productivity and condensate recovery factor.
Forbes Marshall carried out a detailed study of the plant and engineered a thermal grouping cascade based solution for effective utilisation of flash steam, alongwith with the following solutions

- Steam flow meter and condensate flow meter

- Pressure, differential and level control loops

- Mini distributed control system  
- Specific steam consumption brought down to 1.6 - 1.7 ton per ton of paper

- Improvement in condensate recovery - from 55% to 90%

- Boiler pressure maintained at desired levels

- Realtime monitoring and control of all parameters

- 6% increase in productivity