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A cocoa plant in Indonesia


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- Condensate not being recovered

- Low feedwater temperature

- Low steam to fuel ratio
To identify savings opportunities and bring down the annual energy bill.
Forbes Marshall conducted a detailed survey of the plant to identify avenues to reduce energy consumption by 15%.

The plan was implemented in two phases :
Phase 1: Stop Wastage
- Proper steam trap management
- Accurate pressure and temperature control
- Feedwater management
- Recovery of blowdown heat
- Redundant steam lines
- Improvement in condensate recovery factor

In this phase uptime was improved by 5.6%, with 4.8% reduction in energy wastage.

Phase 2: Optimise Efficiency
- Proper capacity utilisation of the boiler; avoiding part loads
- Improvement in boiler efficiency
Overall energy saving of 17%

Operating only one boiler at full load, instead of 3 boilers at part load

47 Deg C rise in feedwater temperature

Condensate recovery factor 40%

Improvement in steam to fuel ratio by 3.95 Kg steam/m3 gas

1.5 million tonnes per annum of CO2 emissions reduced 
18975 m3 /year water saved