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A Brewery in Western India


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- Higher batch time in wort kettle.

- Poor condensate recovery factor.
To provide a comprehensive solution to optimise steam consumption and improve productivity by reducing batch time.
Case Details

The Forbes Marshall team conducted a detailed survey of the plant and identified issues in condensate evacuation that were leading to poor condensate recovery factor.

Trap bypass opening was resulting in excess back pressure build up in the condensate recovery system, thereby impacting condensate recovery from other equipment.

High pressure steam utilisation was leading to excess steam consumption.

The following Forbes Marshall products were installed to address these problems

- Pressure reducing station for optimised steam pressure

- Forbes Marshall SOPT to address stall conditions without opening of bypass valve
- Batch time reduced by 20% with correction in trapping system, hence increase in productivity.

- Precise evaporation ratio and degree plato maintained.

- No loss of energy since steam is not required to be released through bypass valve.

- Improvement in product quality.

- 5% improvement in condensate recovery factor.

- ~3-4% savings in the annual fuel bill.

- Water savings of ~132 KL/year.

- Reduced CO emissions ~15.5 MT/year.