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The Problem

• Major Steam Loss

• Frequent failure of steam traps

• Water hammering

• Frequent shutdown

• Noise pollution

The Objective

To achieve a sustainable zero leak steam system by implementing a steam trap management system

Our Solution

Steam Trap System Management - audit, rectification and sustenance by Forbes Marshall

Phase 1

Total steam traps population : 12,000

Steam trap performance rate: 29.72%

Steam loss identified: 23 Ton/hr

Phase 2

Supervision of the steam trap system rectification by

Forbes Marshall and replacement with Forbes Marshall products

Improved steam trap performance rate : 97.6%

Steam savings achieved: 21Ton/hr

Phase 3

Sustain the achieved performance for next 30 Months

Steam trap performance rate : 98%

Steam savings achieved further: 4.39 Ton/hr

The Benefits

Reduction in steam losses

Increased steam system reliability

No water hammering

Increased steam trap life

Savings in fuel consumption

Reduced noise pollution

Improved steam leak factor from 0.96 Kg/MT (2017) to 0.37Kg/MT (2019) - CHT audit