Forbes Marshall seminar on “Reliability of Sampling Systems”

Steam and Water Analysis System (SWAS) is a crucial component for any thermal power plant. A well-designed SWAS package helps avoid scaling and corrosion, thereby improving the uptime and longevity of critical assets like boilers, steam turbines, and heat recovery steam generators (HRSG).

Seminar Highlights:


PT Forbes Marshall Indonesia and SWAN Analytics Switzerland


Improving the reliability of sampling systems and analyzers.

Forbes Marshall has presented

1. Sample Isolation Valves: Ensure safe and reliable isolation of samples.

2. DHx Sample Coolers: Effective cooling of samples to protect analyzers.

3. Relisafe™-PR Pressure Reducer: Provides precise pressure control.

4. Relisafe™-TP Thermal Shut Off Valves: Enhances safety by shutting off in high-temperature conditions.

SWAN Analytics has also presented on

1. AMI CACE: Accurate monitoring of cation conductivity.

2. AMI Silica: Precise silica measurement to prevent turbine blade deposits.

3. AMI Inspector: Comprehensive monitoring for power plants.

User Feedback:

Many users shared their positive experiences with these products, highlighting the benefits they have seen in their operations. The feedback emphasized improvements in system reliability and maintenance efficiency.

The seminar underscored the importance of reliable SWAS packages in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of power plant components. By sharing knowledge and experiences, PT Forbes Marshall Indonesia and SWAN Analytics Switzerland provided valuable insights into optimizing SWAS systems for better performance and reliability.