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Case Study:

Improve Production and Reduce Energy Bills


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Customer Details

Steam usage in the ironing section of a garment manufacturing plant
in Yangon, Myanmar

- High rejection rate due to stains on finished garments caused by water drip from irons
- Extra effort and time required for ironing in order to get quality finish
- Low quality steam supply
- Steam starvation in the ironing section
- High fuel consumption

To optimise the ironing process for
- increased productivity
- reduced rejection rate
- bringing down fuel cost
- improved work place safety

The Forbes Marshall team conducted a study of the process and following changes were made with products from Forbes Marshall as per recommendation

Replacement of:
- Existing coal fired boiler with 1TPH rice husk fired boiler with air pre heater
- All existing traps with thermodynamic traps

Installation of:
- Pressure reducing station for stable steam pressure
- Moisture separators and strainers for all steam lines
- G-trap in each of the 80 irons
- Complete flash and condensate recovery system consisting of flash vessel, pressure powered pump packaged unit (PPPPU) and deaerator head for 100% CRF
- SteamMon steam flow meter to measure and monitor steam consumption

- Boiler running at 82% efficiency with high S:F
- Optimum quality steam and quantity of steam
- Desired temperature attained quickly in all irons
- No high temperature condensate drainage
- High trap uptime Reduced rejection rate
- Increased productivity with better finish in 30% less man hours
- Enhanced operational safety
- Saving of US$1,770 per month in fuel bill
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