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Case Study:

Eliminate Steam Loss and Improve Productivity

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Customer Details

A plant in North India with 20 daylight heating-cooling press system
manufacturing plywood, block boards and flush doors
- Manual intervention to operate the steam and cooling
water valves
- Major loss of live steam due to frequent blowdown
during heating cycles
- High heating time, wastage of energy and reduced
productivity due to condensate logging

To eliminate live steam losses and improve productivity

- Installation of Forbes Marshall's plattenMAC
automation package for heating and cooling presses
- Installation of proper trapping system and
condensate recovery system
- Manual intervention eliminated
- Automation of the cooling presses helped prevent
wastage and losses, and improved productivity
- 60% reduction in heating cycle time with improved
condensate recovery directly to feedwater tank
- Automatic separation of condensate and cooling
- Improved productivity
- Saving of Rs 1,00,000/- per annum in treated
water costs
- 5% saving in annual fuel costs