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The Problem

Steam Traps are passive devices, which means they need differential pressure to evacuate the condensate.

In a lean amine heater, the process parameters are such that the differential pressure across the trap is usually negative. This cause stalling which in turn forces the bypass valve of the steam trap to remain open at all times and results in the passing of live steam along with condensate.


To Maintain the Positive Differential pressure across the trap using an external medium.


The installation of a pump and trap combination system will ensure that the heat exchanger is always free from condensate while allowing 100% space to be used for heat transfer using steam.


•   Increased Productivity and Reduced batch timing due to the elimination of moisture which is the barrier to heat transfer.

•   The bypass valve does not need to open, thus avoiding steam wastage.

•   Maintaining Uniform heat transfer under all conditions.

•   Safety – no water hammering, no steam leaks or condensate spillage.

•   Noise - water hammer creates noise which in some cases it may cross 90 Decibels (OSHA limit for industrial noise)

•  Reduction in corrosion of heat exchanger by avoiding sub-cooled condensate.