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The Forbes Foundation was set up to allow the funding of social initiatives that fell outside the company’s core social programs. The Foundation seeks to improve individual lives and help realize the potential of the larger society, with a special focus on programs in education, health and research which leads to more impactful philanthropy.

The Foundation is guided by the values of fairness, transparency, sustained commitment to the work we undertake and a curiosity to learn so that we can give better in the future. In our grant making, this translates into rigorous evaluation of results; to ensure that lessons from both failures and successes are learned.

The Foundation’s approach and principles arise directly from the Forbes Marshall Company’s heritage of providing community service and innovative solutions to issues. By partnering with organizations of integrity and ingenuity, we hope to create a record of progress that can inform and make change happen.


The Foundation seeks to improve individual lives and help realize the potential of our larger society, particularly through programs in:

  • Education: Initiatives that enhance the quality of education in India, particularly to strengthen the pedagogy of teachers and educators and to prepare students to successfully transition from school to work.

  • Health: Initiatives that enhance the quality of health of Indians, with a particular focus on often neglected areas such as mental health, sanitation facilities.

  • Special Initiatives: Initiatives that thoughtfully address either an often overlooked need or population through clearly defined objectives and strategies on behalf of which FMF believes it can make a difference. For example areas supporting capacity development of organisation, social entrepreneurship.

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A-bhaya Abhiyaan
Model Classroom


A-bhaya Abhiyaan is a campaign against corporal punishment, driven by individuals and organisations. The Model Classroom project is implemented at a Pune Municipal Corporation school and aims at introducing positive disciplining methods to teachers of all grades.


Center for Mental Health Services
Mental Health Services for Students


This project is implemented in Teach for India intervened schools in Pune. Students of psychology are trained by senior counsellors to become school counsellors. They will help implement the School Counselling and Remediation (SCR) programme to improve the quality of mental health services in these schools.



Connecting NGO
Listening Service


This is a helpline that provides emotional support to people in emotional distress and those feeling suicidal. The aim is to create a safe space for people to talk. Volunteers for the helpline are well trained and receive an average of 8 to 10 calls daily, from all over the country.



Dasra Impact Foundation
Social Impact Accelerator Programme


Through this programme, DASRA provides capacity building support to early stage and ready-to-scale social entrepreneurs. The Forbes Foundation supports the fellowship of leaders of six organisations, namely Antarang Foundation, India Spend, Foundation for Mother& Child, Protsahan India Foundation, Ra Foundation and Sarthak Foundation, to this this programme.



DISHA for Victims
Mobile Help Desk at Police Stations


DISHA for Victims is an NGO in Amravati working for the rights and restoration of victims of violent crimes. The Mobile Help Desk project helps victims, complainants and violence affected people take informed decisions in their pursuit of seeking justice, reduce impact of crime on violence affected people and build a safety network of key stakeholders such as Police Patils at a village level.



Exciting Science Group
Science Club for Secondary School Children


The Exciting Science Group is an NGO that works towards conveying the excitement of science and technology to school students. Under the Science Club Programme, they run weekly science clubs for economically underprivileged students from four Pune Municipal Corporation Schools to extend and enhance the science learnt in their classes.



Friends of Children
Nurture Merit Programme


Friends of Children aims to facilitate a better economic future for underprivileged students, by sponsoring higher education, giving them a strong foundation to earn their livelihood. The Nurture Merit Programme sponsors the education of selected youth from 13 talukas of Maharashtra. Monthly workshops for life and recruitment skills are also conducted for these students.



Hirabai Cowasji Jehangir Medical Research Institute
Support to Underprivileged Children with Juvenile Diabetes


The Hirabai Cowasji Jehangir Medical Research Institute provides healthcare services to the underprivileged, with a special focus on children, and pregnant and lactating mothers. The Forbes Foundation supports their efforts in providing medical care to children with diabetes. The initiative also provides help with psychological and social adjustments of these children and families, spreads awareness in the community and medical fraternity about the disorder and records patient data for research.



National Institute of Women Child and Youth Development
Livelihood Enhancement of Marginal Farmers


The National Institute of Women Child and Youth Development is working for tribal and rural development in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Uttaranchal through empowerment of the beneficiaries. The Foundation supports their livelihood enhancement project for marginal farmers in the drought prone areas of Gatanji Tehsil of Yeotmal district, Maharashtra.



Quality Education Support Trust(QUEST)
Shikshan Samruddhi Kendra


This initiative is a school plus model to provide rich classroom interaction for students of grades 1 to 4 in language and mathematics. Teaching-learning activities are conducted in a child-friendly atmosphere for two hours every day. It aims at developing innovative solutions to bridge gaps in institutions of early childhood and elementary education.



Social Venture Partners
Engaged Venture Philanthropy


Social Venture Partners is an affiliate of SVP International, with the mission to encourage senior and middle level industry personnel to go beyond funding and engage their leadership talent in an advisory capacity with social organisations SVP supports. The Forbes Foundation is one of the founding partners in Pune and provides guidance and leadership for key initiatives of organisations SVP supports.



Tara Mobile Creches Pune
Vision 2020


Tara Mobile Creches Pune provides integrated child care for children of migrant labourers working at construction sites. The Foundation supports the Vision 2020 initiative, under which TMCP will revisit methodologies and revise its Vision, Mission, Strategic plans and Standard Operating Procedures for seven programmes to be implemented from the year 2020 till 2030.



Under The Mango Tree Society
Apis Cerana Bee Keeping


The Foundation supports the Society to implement their Bees for Poverty Reduction (BPR) programme in eight predominantly tribal villages in Palghar district, Maharashtra. The model trains farmers and others in the community in bee keeping and allied activities providing additional livelihoods. It also creates awareness about pollinators for small holder agriculture and moves tribal communities from unsustainable honey hunting to sustainable bee keeping.