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Dear Customer,

We are all confronted by the threat of COVID 19. We hope that you, your family, and your colleagues are well.

Forbes Marshall has a long history of over seventy years of helping our customers save energy and run their plant efficiently and safely. We appreciate the strong relationship we share with you and your organisation in many areas over a very long time. We have become friends over the years, and felt it important at this time to brief you on our steps to keep our own company members safe, and to re-emphasise our constant availability to help your organisation.

Within Forbes Marshall, as with many organisations, we have introduced enhanced sanitation measures across the company. Visitors are not permitted entry through end March, with the only exceptions being customer inspectors and truck drivers transporting material in and out, for whom we have health checks in place. Any member returning from travel overseas self-quarantines until cleared by our company doctor, and all new travel overseas has been halted.

Domestic travel has also been curtailed, unless essential, and we are strongly promoting the use of video-conferencing. VC facilities have been expanded at all sites. All vulnerable members - by age or health conditions of themselves or dependents - have been asked to work from home. Our office functions have been split into two teams, each working half the week from home and from our offices such that they do not physically mix. Our manufacturing operations have also been split into two teams, working in two shifts. The intention is to both enhance the health and safety of our teams, and to ensure a robust business continuity structure.

We are in the fortunate position of having field engineers locally based in twenty-five locations around India and eighteen internationally. This enables a Forbes Marshall engineer to reach you with minimum travel. All field engineers are also being equipped with video-conferencing software on their laptops and training on how to conduct presentations and training sessions remotely. Our service teams are also available to help with remote diagnostics via connected devices wherever installed, or telephonic and video conference help as is required for upkeep, uptime of our installed base, and troubleshooting of the systems and devices as you may need them. Should you need any detailed advice, our specialists in both our branches and Pune are available on an audio or video call to enable you to run your plants and processes as seamlessly as possible. If there are any current challenges you face or priorities you have where we can help, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our teams at the earliest.

Our teams are reaching out to your teams both in person, where possible, and remotely otherwise so there is continued and regular interaction. But we deeply believe in the strength of face to face interaction, and hope we can get back to it as soon as things stabilise.

Over the next few days, a series of knowledge sharing sessions will be available for our customers, so they can use available time to brush up on their steam and instrumentation understanding.

On order execution, all outstanding orders are well in process, and we are pleased to report a good current on-time delivery performance. Wherever inspection is involved and our customers are unable to travel, we can provide you with all necessary documentations, test and certification as applicable, and photos or clips as required. We have encouraged all our teams to be particularly understanding of constraints caused by the current health situation. Should you need to change any schedules or scope of existing orders, please do let us know. We have stock of all needed raw materials to meet future needs, with minor exceptions of some components sourced from China and Europe where again backup and mitigation plans are in place.

If we can be of assistance in any way please do either contact us directly, or contact your local Forbes Marshall engineer. We have set up a dedicated email- which forwards to several senior members of our Management Team such that you get an immediate response at the highest level.

We would, in any case, be delighted to hear from you. In conclusion, we wish for the safety and well-being of you, your families, and your organisation.

Kind regards


Farhad & Naushad Forbes